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About Us


Providing a brokerage gateway to global capital markets


Enable the most efficient gateway to capital markets across Albania


AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage sh.a. is an Albanian joint stock company and is entirely American owned.


Alma Gjini Hasanaj

Board of Directors:

The directors of AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage sh.a. are all professionals, as follows:

Mark C. Crawford

Anila Fureraj

Roland Bagaviki


Why Do I Need Advice from a Broker?

Are you the type of person who will read as much as possible about potential investments and ask questions about them? If so, maybe you don’t need investment advice. In that case AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage has a product for you, providing a simple gateway to invest globally as you choose.

If you’re busy with your job, your children, or other responsibilities, or feel you don’t know enough about investing on your own, then you may need professional investment advice. AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage provides an advised brokerage service for such clients.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Professional financial advisers do not perform their services as an act of charity. If they are working for you, they are getting paid for their efforts. You should always feel free to ask questions about how and how much your adviser is being paid. And if the fee is quoted to you as a percentage, make sure that you understand what that translates to into your base currency.

I do not have any Formal Financial Training; Where do I Begin?

No one is born knowing how to save or to invest. Every successful investor starts with the basics.

Sit down and take an honest look at your entire financial situation. You can never take a journey without knowing where you’re starting from, and a journey to financial security is no different.

You’ll need to figure out on paper your current situation— what you own and what you owe. You’ll be creating a “net worth statement.” On one side of the page, list what you own. These are your “assets.” And on the other side list what you owe other people, your “liabilities” or debts.

Subtract your liabilities from your assets. If your assets are larger than your liabilities, you have a “positive” net worth. If your liabilities are greater than your assets, you have a “negative” net worth. You’ll want to update your “net worth statement” every year to keep track of how you are doing. Don’t be discouraged if you have a negative net worth. If you follow a plan to get into a positive position, you’re doing the right thing.

The next step is to keep track of your income and your expenses for every month. Write down what you and others in your family earn, and then your monthly expenses. Include a category for savings and investing. If you are spending all your income, and never have money to save or invest, you’ll need to look for ways to cut back on your expenses. When you watch where you spend your money, you will be surprised how small everyday expenses that you can do without add up over a year.

Many people get into the habit of saving and investing by following this advice: always pay yourself or your family first. Any time you have automatic deductions for savings or investments made from your paycheck or bank account, you’ll increase the chances of being able to stick to your plan and to realize your goals.



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Note / Risk Warning: By entering the company's website AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage sh.a. (the "Company"), the visitor agrees to the terms of the company website. The company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of data and information provided on the website of the company, nor for any losses resulting from investments based on any information herein. Information presented here does not provide direct or indirect recommendations to implement trades in financial instruments. Trading in financial markets, especially derivatives, is highly risky and may lead to losses. Trading in financial markets involves risk. Increasing leverage increases risk. Services of AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage sh.a. are not offered to US customers.

AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage sh.a.
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Tel/Fax: +355 44 400 600;  info@aksioner.com